Discover how tribute funds help honour and remember a loved one

Start your tribute fund

A St Luke’s tribute fund is a unique way to remember and celebrate the life of someone special.

It acts as a lasting space for you, your family and friends to share treasured memories, including photographs and videos, and to make donations in memory of your loved one that will support the work of St Luke’s.

Whether you want to use your tribute fund simply for funeral donations, or as an ongoing place to remember and honour your loved one, we are here to support you.

Once your tribute fund is set up you can:

  • Develop and keep a beautiful and lasting collection of memories that can be shared and added to by you, your family and friends for many years.
  • Personalise your fund with thoughts, feelings and memories of your loved one using words, pictures and video.
  • Use your tribute fund to mark important anniversaries and occasions with family and friends.
  • See all donations made in your loved one’s memory in one place – any money raised 'offline' can be shown on your page.
  • Allow full access to your tribute site or keep it totally private so that only you and selected others can see it – how your site is seen is completely up to you.

If you require any further information or advice please contact Rachelle Pinder on 0114 235 7555 or email