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  • Alan Brierley

    Alan Brierley

    1938 - 2015

    £201.00 donated

    Alan was originally a joiner by trade. He delayed his National Service until he had completed his apprenticeship and married Joan on January 2nd 1960, with a br…

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  • Alan Nelson

    Alan Nelson

    1932 - 2017

    £10.00 donated

    Grandpa sadly passed away after his long battle with cancer and other health issues. He will be sadly missed by his wife Joan, his children Elaine, Glen, Gary…

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  • Andrea Frankland

    Andrea Frankland

    1944 - 2016

    £500.00 donated

    Mum died on the 9th of October 2016 from cancer of the jaw but was still smiling right up until the end. I love you and miss you Mum.

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  • Ann Goddard

    Ann Goddard

    1943 - 2017

    £50.00 donated

    Please donate whatever you can to this marvellous organisation that brought so much joy and relief to Mum in her last few weeks. Without St Lukes those days wou…

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  • Ann Jukes

    Ann Jukes

    1954 - 2017

    £3157.00 donated

    Ann was soul mate to Frederick, her husband of 37 years and our best friend. Indeed, everyone who met Ann only had kind words for her. She was a privilege to ha…

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  • Ann Smith

    Ann Smith

    1938 - 2020

    £659.60 donated

    Ann Smith (formerly Meager, née Levers) - mother to four (Nicholas, Claire, Joanne and Jenny), grandmother to six (Rebecca, Charlotte, Thomas, Lucy, Alexander a…

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  • Annie Gartside

    Annie Gartside

    1937 - 2020

    £587.80 donated

    Mum in Million,

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  • Avril Critchley

    Avril Critchley

    1934 - 2015

    £780.00 donated

    Avril was a fighter which is why so many loved her. She cared about her community and supported it through many groups and organisations. She was also an amazin…

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  • Barbara Fox

    Barbara Fox

    1922 - 2016

    £361.00 donated

    To thank you for the care you gave to my lovely Grandma and also the support you gave to myself and my family

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  • Barrie Knowles

    Barrie Knowles

    1946 - 2020

    £829.00 donated

    Barrie was cared for in St.Luke's for three weeks before he died in July 2020. The lovely staff did all they could to ensure his final days were comfortable and…

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  • Beatrice  Hardy

    Beatrice Hardy

    1925 - 2015

    £530.00 donated

    This fund is for my Nan, Beat who spent her last days with the ever attentive and caring staff of St Luke's. Beat, my nan was a saint on earth, a Mother, Nan, F…

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  • Ben Degg

    Ben Degg

    1983 - 2015

    £930.00 donated

    Ben passed away on September 9th 2015 in St. Luke's Hospice. At the end of his life this is where Ben wanted to be surrounded by his family and friends and feel…

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  • Benjamin Stancer

    Benjamin Stancer

    1987 - 2019

    £359.64 donated

    Ben was diagnosed with Cancer in 2018 and spent the last few weeks of his life in St Luke's, where all the staff where amazing through the last and very difficu…

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  • Beryl Palmer

    Beryl Palmer

    1937 - 2018

    £321.60 donated

    Beryl lived for her family and friends she fought cancer as she lived thinking of others and not giving in

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  • Bessie Haigh

    Bessie Haigh

    1930 - 2020

    £536.60 donated

    My mum was a truly wonderful person. She was loved by everyone who met her. She spent her life always giving and putting others first. Nothing was ever too muc…

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  • Betty  Higgins

    Betty Higgins

    1941 - 2013

    £556.69 donated

    Betty passed away 30th January peacefully in St Lukes hospice. She was so very brave and tried hard not to leave her family so soon. She leaves a husband, 3 ve…

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  • Betty Newman

    Betty Newman

    1936 - 2017

    £375.75 donated

    Betty Newman was an amazing strong willed lady who literally lived for her family. MY mum with the help of my late father Terry Newman helped me bring up my two…

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  • Beverley  Pyewell

    Beverley Pyewell

    1962 - 2017

    £123.58 donated

    Bev was the bravest , strongest , most beautiful person I've ever known !! X She was the most amazing loving doting proud mum to her two gorgeous daughters & Na…

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  • Billie-Jo Gregory

    Billie-Jo Gregory

    1981 - 2020

    £85.00 donated

    Billie-Jo was funny, loyal and had a heart of gold. If you were her friend then you were always her friend. She died of lung cancer on the 12th of May 2020, sh…

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  • Binnie (Belinda) Copley

    Binnie (Belinda) Copley

    1942 - 2020

    £591.03 donated

    Binnie was a much loved Mum/Sister/Granny/Great-Granny and friend to so many, we are all devastated by her loss, especially as her death came so quickly after h…

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  • Bob Titus

    Bob Titus

    1936 - 2019

    £432.03 donated

    Alright Star! More often than not the greeting of Bob, a loving dad of 8, grandad, brother, partner and friend. No matter the tough day you’ve had in life, at w…

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  • Brett Mortlock

    Brett Mortlock

    1952 - 2017

    £2019.52 donated

    Brett was born in Balham, London in 1952. He was an apprentice joiner and carpenter at Wandsworth Council in the late 1960's. He moved to Yorkshire in 1975 and…

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  • Brian  Andrews

    Brian Andrews

    1936 - 2018

    £0 donated

    My Dad passed away 6 weeks ago . He was a supporter of St Luke’s Hospice , it was always his go to place when he had anything to give . My Grandad was reside…

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  • Brian Platts, Mbe

    Brian Platts, Mbe

    1937 - 2013

    £5473.00 donated

    Sheffield's much loved performer and Dame, Brian Platts died on November 1st at the age of 76. Well known to many people in Sheffield and beyond he was a larger…

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  • Brian Stacey

    Brian Stacey

    1957 - 2018

    £210.00 donated

    Brian Stacey was a great, funny man who was loved by all. He was the life and soul of every party. He was a great partner to Rita and A wonderful Dad to Leanne,…

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  • Carol Lofthouse

    Carol Lofthouse

    1944 - 2014

    £2230.63 donated

    A much loved Mum, Grandmother, Sister and Wife, as well as a great friend to many... Carol spent her last few days in St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield, following an…

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  • Carol Pugsley

    Carol Pugsley

    1945 - 2017

    £130.95 donated

    Carol was a loving and caring wife, mother and grandmother but was also a friend to everyone she met and made friends wherever she went. Carol had lived in Shef…

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  • Carole Whittingham

    Carole Whittingham

    1946 - 2016

    £4657.50 donated

    After a seven year battle against her cancer, Carole bravely escaped its torture by passing into a state of peacefulness at St Luke's hospice on the 28th Febru…

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  • Cheryl Ridge

    Cheryl Ridge

    1972 - 2019

    £4665.17 donated

    Cheryl was an avid cyclist, sailor and skier with a passion for building her community and the people around her. She was a truly inspirational lady who made a …

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  • Christine Bramhall

    Christine Bramhall

    1950 - 2016

    £418.48 donated

    Chrissy's greeting on her mobile was, "Pixie here, I'm out in the woods playing with Hanuma". Now, she was the naughty Pixie, and I was the Hanuma, the mischiev…

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  • Christine Collins

    Christine Collins

    1962 - 2016

    £2017.43 donated

    A fundraising page set up in the memory of our beautiful, selfless and hilarious mother/wife. Who remained positive and incredibly strong throughout everything.…

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  • Christine Sprigg

    Christine Sprigg

    1968 - 2019

    £7757.80 donated

    Chris died on 2nd September 2019 after four weeks of excellent care in St Luke's and 9 months with an Ovarian cancer diagnosis. She will be missed by everyon…

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  • Christine Susan Hill

    Christine Susan Hill

    1960 - 2018

    £13.00 donated

    ♡Always Missed, Forever Loved♡

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  • Christopher Fealey

    Christopher Fealey

    1960 - 2019

    £1073.10 donated

    Chris was a loving husband, dad, granddad, brother and uncle. He battled his brain tumor for just over 3 years and succumb to his illness 18th May 2019. He brav…

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  • Christopher Hickman

    Christopher Hickman

    1973 - 2014

    £6891.50 donated

    Chris was a very talented artist and craftsman with a special ability in woodturning.Chris was involved in an accident at his place of work in 2006 resulting i…

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  • Cynthia  Revill

    Cynthia Revill

    1939 - 2017

    £222.50 donated

    I have been trying to make sense how life can be so wonderful yet cruel at the same time and I found no answers. The only thing I can say is make memories becau…

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  • Daisy Ellis

    Daisy Ellis

    1912 - 2019

    £300 donated

    Auntie Daisy, passed away on 2nd October 2019 at the age of 106. Requested to leave a £300 legacy via her Will to St Lukes which she has done virtue of this tr…

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  • Danny Wodrow

    Danny Wodrow

    1971 - 2017

    £1409.20 donated

    Danny was a caring, charismatic, humorous character who was much loved. Danny was fun to be with and a loyal friend. Danny bought smiles to many faces and had m…

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  • Daphne Stacey

    Daphne Stacey

    1931 - 2018

    £50.00 donated

    Daphne Stacey died peacefully on 15th August 2018. Her end of life care was supported by St Luke's Hospice and the family are deeply grateful for the help and a…

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  • Darrell (Daz) Howells

    Darrell (Daz) Howells

    1952 - 2013

    £3323.21 donated

    Daz loved his golf,cars,wiskey and most of all his family and friends and that was Daz!

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  • Dave Oates

    Dave Oates

    1945 - 2019

    £30 donated

    Dave was a loving husband,dad,and grandad x

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  • Dave Speed

    Dave Speed

    1948 - 2020

    £187.80 donated

    An amazing man who lived life to the full, dad passed away in the early hours of 31st May at the age of 72, after a brief battle with Cancer. Obsessed about…

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  • David  Millington

    David Millington

    1962 - 2019

    £1868.40 donated

    David was a wonderful gentleman who was loved by many. For thirty years, he was married to his beautiful wife, Jayne. Together, they raised Sam and Harriet, the…

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  • David Crampton

    David Crampton

    1957 - 2019

    £146.00 donated

    David was an amazingly caring and generous person that always put his family first. He was a loving husband to Tina, Dad to Lee & Jono, Grandad to Alfie &am…

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  • David Taylor

    David Taylor

    1948 - 2018

    £310.00 donated

    A loving Father to four sons and one daughter. A magnificent and funny Grandfather. A great friend to many people in a loving community. David was a truly wonde…

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  • Deborah Sverdloff

    Deborah Sverdloff

    1955 - 2016

    £2300.00 donated


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  • Diana  Armitage

    Diana Armitage

    1946 - 2019

    £1141.57 donated

    Diana Armitage was loved by so many, and she gave love so effortlessly and abundantly. Known as ‘Granny’ to far more than her own grandchildren, she was a pilla…

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  • Dorothy Mellish

    Dorothy Mellish

    1931 - 2020

    £289.20 donated

    Dot was a loving and dedicated wife (now reunited after far too long apart), Mum, Nan, Sister, Auntie and friend. She sadly passed away on 16th April after a sh…

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  • Eddie Camplin

    Eddie Camplin

    1957 - 2012

    £301.00 donated

    Eddie was a very good artist,and a lot of people liked him,so I would like to cherish his memory in that way

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  • Eileen Andrews (Struggles)

    Eileen Andrews (Struggles)

    1946 - 2018

    £1734.00 donated

    This page has been set up to say thank you to the wonderful people that took care of a beautiful lady. Eileen was such a lovely, kind and loving wife, mum, gr…

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  • Ellen Frain

    Ellen Frain

    1978 - 2015

    £2959.00 donated

    Ellen and the rest of our family received the best care possible during the last few days of her life. We are all so grateful to the nurses and staff who cared…

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  • Ellen Pearson

    Ellen Pearson

    1948 - 2017

    £1560.72 donated

    Ellen was a beautiful,kind and generous woman. loved by all who met her. Ellen passed away peacefully at St Luke's after a few weeks of the most amazing care. S…

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  • Ernest Abdy

    Ernest Abdy

    1940 - 2014

    £522.56 donated

    Our wonderful Dad was cared for so lovingly by all the amazing staff at St Lukes. Their dedication and care was brilliant, making Dad's final days so comfortabl…

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  • Felicity Gilligan

    Felicity Gilligan

    1984 - 2019

    £6471.23 donated

    This is a Tribute for Felicity Gilligan

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  • Gay Frost

    Gay Frost

    1935 - 2020

    £350.00 donated

    Gay passed away in St Luke's after spending a last few days surrounded by her close family - her husband, Eddie, daughters Lynne And Karen, granddaughters Laure…

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  • George Hancock

    George Hancock

    1941 - 2018

    £226.00 donated

    Beloved husband of Flo who passed away after a short battle with the disease on 1st March 2018. George worked for 43 years for Hepworth's, the manufacturing pla…

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  • George Michael  Martin

    George Michael Martin

    1941 - 2016

    £297.00 donated

    Loved by many, a great husband, brother, father, grandad and uncle. Grandad died peacefully with some of his family around him, and was in the thoughts of those…

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  • George Stewart

    George Stewart

    1928 - 2014

    £1519.00 donated

    George Rhodes Stewart passed away peacefully in the wonderful care of St. Lukes Hospice on August 20, aged 86 years. Beloved husband of Ann also a loving father…

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  • Gerald Ross

    1929 - 2020

    £248.35 donated

    Gerald passed away in his sleep on the morning of May 12th 2020, in Northern General Hospital. He was ninety years old at the time of his passing. I will mis…

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  • Gillian Hill

    Gillian Hill

    1955 - 2019

    £155.00 donated

    When she first joined the team 7 years ago, Gill settled in straight away, being bubbly with the ability to get along with everyone in the team, never seeming d…

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  • Glynn Boldock

    Glynn Boldock

    1964 - 2017

    £749.00 donated

    Glynn passed away on Thursday 23 February 2017 at St Luke's hospice where he received care delivered with dignity, respect and compassion. The same care was ext…

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  • Glynn Rogers

    Glynn Rogers

    1944 - 2017

    £1849.25 donated

    In memory of Glynn Rogers. Sadly lost his battle with Stomach cancer the day after his 73rd birthday 1/08/17. Glynn leaves behind wife of 48 years Linda, daught…

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  • Graham  Booth

    Graham Booth

    1947 - 2016

    £389.93 donated

    Graham was a lovely, caring and thoughtful person, who sadly lost his battle with cancer in August this year and was finally out of pain. For the last few month…

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  • Graham Robinson

    Graham Robinson

    1951 - 2015

    £1129.00 donated

    Graham wasn't just an amazing Dad, he was also the most loving husband, best friend, brother, cousin and uncle. Those who knew him will know just how much he is…

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  • Harry Beeley

    Harry Beeley

    1919 - 2017

    £506.20 donated

    Harry Beeley was born in 1919 and was one of 4 brothers and sisters. He later married Gladys Moore and had twin girls Anne and Nita. Throughout their life they…

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  • Harry Mills

    Harry Mills

    1947 - 2019

    £598.61 donated

    This is a page for my father Harry Mills who sadly passed away suddenly last week. My mother, Jackie who my father loved very dearly, was cared for at St Lu…

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  • Helen Beard

    Helen Beard

    1965 - 2018

    £2364.91 donated

    We are the BresMed Bullets and are running the 2019 Sheffield Half Marathon to raise money for St Luke's in memory of Helen, our lovely friend and much missed c…

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  • Helen Frow

    Helen Frow

    1951 - 2019

    £3042.56 donated

    We sadly lost our Mum in February. Helen was a kind, caring, fun to be around lady, who would help anyone. As a mother she was fiercely protective of us all, sh…

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  • Helen Tann

    Helen Tann

    1965 - 2018

    £1434.25 donated

    This is to honour our beautiful mother Helen. Love from Micky Daisy Dylan and Otto xxx

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  • Ian Goldthorp

    1940 - 2007

    £206 donated

    Ian was a wonderful man and loved by all. He passed in May 2007 receiving end of life care at St Lukes Hospice.

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  • Irene Elizabeth Darwin

    Irene Elizabeth Darwin

    1945 - 2017

    £745.00 donated

    My lovely mum passed away on 13-05-17, too soon. She had a long struggle but was helped along the way by the St Lukes day therapy team, the inpatient team (stay…

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  • James Suter

    James Suter

    1935 - 2020

    £262.60 donated

    Jim was a character. Full of life even in his 80's. He loved his holidays abroad, the visits to the pub meals with his companion Judy, drinks with his mates at …

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  • Janet  Clarke

    Janet Clarke

    1964 - 2017

    £840.00 donated

    This page is dedicated to the wonderful Janet Clarke. Who sadly gained her angel wings this July. Janet is sadly missed by every single person who knows her. Th…

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  • Jean Cawthorne

    Jean Cawthorne

    1938 - 2019

    £400.00 donated

    Jean was born in Sheffield on 3rd August 1938. She was the daughter of Nellie and Joseph Foulston and had a sister Elaine. She met Peter, her husband of 62 year…

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  • Jean Headleand

    1928 - 2019

    £0 donated

    My beloved nan was diagnosed with a tumour on her bladder and leukaemia.. sadly there was no treatment for her due to her. We managed to get her home so she wa…

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  • Jean Hudson

    Jean Hudson

    1944 - 2014

    £1241.75 donated

    Where to begin?? Born 9th August 1944 Mum loved life, she was a very special, loving, kind warm hearted lady who always put everybody before herself. She was a…

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  • Jean Renshaw

    Jean Renshaw

    1934 - 2016

    £2284.00 donated

    This is a tribute for our mum, Jean Renshaw who passed away peacefully in March 2016 at St Lukes Hospice and we all miss her enormously. Jean was mother to Lynn…

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  • Jennifer Chambers

    Jennifer Chambers

    1953 - 2015

    £3703.00 donated

    Mum LOVED St. Lukes. She spent the last couple of months of her life getting her hair done, making crafts, experiencing Reiki and enjoying her life there on odd…

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  • Jo Morgan

    Jo Morgan

    1963 - 2019

    £5993.48 donated

    The wonderful staff at St Luke’s made Jo’s final days so comfortable and peaceful. The love, care and attention she received was extraordinary from everyone whe…

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  • Joan Filfilan

    Joan Filfilan

    1950 - 2015

    £2170.00 donated

    Joan passed away after a long battle with peritoneal cancer. Beloved wife of Shafik, mum to Karam and Hanna and sister to Sue, she was loved, admired and respec…

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  • John  Carter

    John Carter

    1947 - 2018

    £245.00 donated

    Soon after opening in November 2017 John became a member of the Clifford house community which brought a sense of belonging and purpose to his retirement. John…

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  • John Duggan

    John Duggan

    1943 - 2017

    £145.00 donated

    Loving husband to Carol. Father to Paul and Vanessa. Grandfather to Katie, Beth and Jimmy.

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  • John Fearn

    John Fearn

    1948 - 2014

    £17120.49 donated

    My Dad spent the last few weeks of his life in St Luke's. Both the staff and the facilities were without question EXCEPTIONAL ! The amount of love and care they…

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  • John Lee Simpson

    John Lee Simpson

    1966 - 2016

    £1760.94 donated

    Lee was a fun loving family man who was at his happiest when at home or soaking up the sun on a roof terrace. An avid Sheffield United fan. He was a postman and…

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  • John Michael Hannon

    John Michael Hannon

    1938 - 2019

    £44.20 donated

    John (or Mike, depending how you knew him) was full of life, energy and enthusiasm. The only child of Alice and John, he had a happy childhood and excelled at a…

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  • John Mills

    John Mills

    1945 - 2018

    £0 donated

    Dad was a much loved man who enjoyed his fishing, Family and friends and he will be sadly missed by all

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  • John Plowright

    John Plowright

    1966 - 2018

    £4130.00 donated

    Thank you to the amazing St Luke's staff for looking after John so well for two and a half weeks. "That man is a success who lives well, laughs often, and loves…

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  • Jonathan  Jackson

    Jonathan Jackson

    1967 - 2019

    £2568.65 donated

    Jonathan died in St. Luke's on the evening of Friday 6th September.  Since February he had been cared for by both the Active Intervention Centre (1 day a week) …

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  • Josie Flanagan

    Josie Flanagan

    1951 - 2013

    £32.44 donated

    My mom passed away July 2 2013 whilst in St lukes. Her humour and bravery was an inspiration to all who knew her.

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  • Judith Linda  Gunner

    Judith Linda Gunner

    1941 - 2018

    £908.00 donated

    Judith a loving wife, Mum, Grandma, Sister and kind friend to many sadly passed away on 13th February 2018. Judiths final days were spent in St Luke's Hospice a…

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  • Kamal Ahmed

    Kamal Ahmed

    1937 - 2017

    £428.24 donated

    Kamal Uddin Ahmed, aged 80 years old, passed away peacefully on 23rd August at home. He was a pioneering restauranteur, and the former proprietor of the Ashoka…

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  • Karen Tindall

    Karen Tindall

    1959 - 2019

    £4202.14 donated

    Karen was a born carer who dedicated her entire life to helping others, both through her professional career and private life. She was diagnosed with cancer in…

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  • Karl Simon Holmes

    Karl Simon Holmes

    1961 - 2018

    £667.50 donated

    Karl (Simon) Holmes was cared for by St Luke's during his illness, who supported him and his family to remain at home, in accordance with his wishes.St Luke's a…

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  • Kate Dunn

    Kate Dunn

    1981 - 2017

    £12606.66 donated

    Kate Dunn (nee Andrews) after a long battle with Cancer Kate passed away on 24th January 2017 aged 35. Leaving husband Gavin, and 2 young boys Sebastian aged 3,…

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  • Kathleen Hall

    Kathleen Hall

    1956 - 2014

    £2038.00 donated

    This page is dedicated to Kathleen Hall who sadly passed away suddenly but peacefully on 17 September 2014 at St Luke Hospice after a brave and prolonged battle…

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  • Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen Smith

    1944 - 2017

    £480.13 donated

    Mum was an amazing kind person who lived for her family. On 12 June she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and lost her fight just 9 weeks later on 14th August…

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  • Katie Justice

    Katie Justice

    1977 - 2017

    £20919.26 donated

    Katie spent the last two and a half weeks of her life in St Luke's after being diagnosed with terminal cancer just twelve weeks previously. She was incredibly b…

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  • Kay Bocking

    Kay Bocking

    1941 - 2020

    £643.00 donated

    Loving wife of Graham, devoted mother, grandmother, sister and friend. A wonderful woman, loved by all. She will be dearly missed. Kay will be remember for…

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  • Kay Fisher

    Kay Fisher

    1972 - 2015

    £2769.77 donated

    Kay was a loving caring wife daughter mum and friend. Kay loved life ,having fun ,dancing,laughter but most of all loved her family. Kay was a inspiration to ev…

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  • Keith Smith

    Keith Smith

    1942 - 2020

    £323.20 donated

    Keith Smith was a much loved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend and much more. Sadly Keith died on Sunday 3rd May after a long illness. He will be greatly mis…

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  • Ken Drew

    Ken Drew

    1936 - 2017

    £332.05 donated

    Ken Drew was an amazing man, whom was (and still is), much loved by his family. An avid Wednesday supporter, renound for tripping up steps, getting lost in lift…

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  • Kenneth Bagshaw

    Kenneth Bagshaw

    1928 - 2019

    £678.60 donated

    Ken was born and bred in Sheffield and you could say he was a man of steel. With a dry sense of humour, he never wanted to give up, despite what he was going th…

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  • Kenneth Turner

    Kenneth Turner

    1932 - 2017

    £125.00 donated

    A Tribute to Kenneth Turner: 31st August 1932 - 29th January 2017

    I feel very lucky to have had Ken as my Dad for all the years I did. He was a kind, honest and …

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  • Kim Stenton

    Kim Stenton

    1962 - 2018

    £527.10 donated

    Our Mum was in st luke's for just under 5 weeks where she sadly lost her battle to cancer. We can't thank all the staff enough for everything they did, not only…

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  • Leslie Pirie

    Leslie Pirie

    1947 - 2020

    £1047.20 donated

    A musician, a teacher, sometimes a nurse. A mother-of-three, a doting sister, a grandmother, an aunt and a truly great friend. Taken far too soon. This fund…

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  • Lily Croke

    Lily Croke

    1932 - 2017

    £425.05 donated

    Lily Croke passed away on 27 February 2017 and joined her beloved husband, Bill. She was the much loved mother of William, Laurence, Patricia, Michael and Rober…

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  • Linda Rogers

    Linda Rogers

    1950 - 2020

    £201.20 donated

    Linda Christine Rogers sadly passed away, peacefully in her sleep, aged 70 years, on Tuesday 1st September 2020. Linda was a keen supporter of St Luke's followi…

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  • Lizzy Gale

    Lizzy Gale

    1981 - 2016

    £3693.68 donated

    Daughter, sister, auntie, friend, wife.

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  • Louisa Harris

    Louisa Harris

    1934 - 2019

    £111.60 donated

    Much loved mum, nan, great-grandma and sister. Louisa was an incredible woman who enriched the life of everyone around her. Words cannot describe the great loss…

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  • Lynne Ford

    Lynne Ford

    1961 - 2016

    £22293.87 donated

    We have set up this tribute page in honour of our mum who sadly lost her short battle with cancer in August 2016. Words can't express how devastated we all are,…

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  • Margaret (Maggie) Swann

    Margaret (Maggie) Swann

    1953 - 2019

    £0 donated

    Sadly on 21st December 2019 our mum Maggie aged 66 passed away only 10 days after receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer which had unfortunately spread considera…

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  • Margaret Davies

    Margaret Davies

    1935 - 2020

    £898.30 donated

    In memory of Margaret Davies, 5th May 1935 - 19th January 2020. Much loved mother of Sally, Sian and Rhiannon and grandmother of Caitlin, Ewan, Gethin and Zoe.…

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  • Margaret Sharpe

    Margaret Sharpe

    1949 - 2014

    £193.33 donated

    Margaret Mum, Nan, Great Nanan 30-4-1949 to 26-8-2014. You have battled hard and long and finally you had to say goodbye. We will never know the pain that you w…

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  • Marie Hart

    Marie Hart

    1939 - 2018

    £717.82 donated

    Marie Hart nee Monfredi sadly passed away on Wednesday 27 June 2018 after bravely battling cancer. She passed away peacefully at Northern General Hospital. Mari…

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  • Mark  Reid

    Mark Reid

    1962 - 2013

    £2703.33 donated

    My husband Mark never let his cancer, diagnosed in 2010, stop him from living his life to the full. He faced his symptoms and treatment with courage and never c…

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  • Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    1958 - 2017

    £1797.07 donated

    Mark was diagnosed with Pancreatic and Liver Cancer in January 2017. After a short 8 week battle he went to stay at St.Luke's Hospice. Mark stayed there 5 night…

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  • Martin  Bryan

    Martin Bryan

    1938 - 2020

    £165.00 donated

    Mr Martin Bryan RIP 14/11/38-12/04/20 WAWAW

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  • Mary Wynne

    Mary Wynne

    1924 - 2019

    £67.60 donated

    Mary Wynne (Gardner) passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by her family on 3rd August 2019. She was cared for most kindly and lovingly by the nurses of…

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  • Maureen (Elsie) Ashton

    Maureen (Elsie) Ashton

    1950 - 2017

    £3662.67 donated

    Our beautiful brave smiling mother passed in St Lukes after being looked after in there amazing care. She lit up the room and loved to enjoy her life with her f…

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  • Michael  Woods

    Michael Woods

    1954 - 2014

    £0 donated

    For my dad who bravely battled cancer. Your always in our thoughts and forever in our heart's. We miss you more each day. We hope to raise a little to show our…

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  • Michael Deeley

    Michael Deeley

    1952 - 2014

    £2891.12 donated

    I'm setting up this tribute page in the memory of my dad, Michael Deeley, who passed away on the 5th of February 2014. A pretty unique man, a loving father, hus…

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  • Mike Hensman

    Mike Hensman

    1950 - 2018

    £793.20 donated

    When we were given the awful news that my dad had a brain tumor and had limited time left we were left wondering how we would manage the months to come; jugglin…

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  • Nigel Dixon-Smith

    Nigel Dixon-Smith

    1962 - 2018

    £1020.00 donated

    Nigel was a valued friend and colleague. He will be remembered for his love of football and in particular Liverpool, his dedication to his work and staff and hi…

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  • Pamela Richardson (Czabaniuk Hodgkins)

    Pamela Richardson (Czabaniuk Hodgkins)

    1961 - 2017

    £6414.13 donated

    Pam was a larger than life character, immensely proud of her family and had a big heart that was always looking to help others. Pam was always looking for an op…

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  • Pat Heard

    Pat Heard

    1946 - 2014

    £1360.00 donated

    A wonderful wife, mum and Momma as well as sister, auntie and friend to all

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  • Pauline Gregory

    Pauline Gregory

    1941 - 2018

    £30.00 donated

    Pauline. I miss you now, I always will. Till we meet again in some nicer place I will always love you. Your loving husband, Ray

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  • Pete Sorsby

    Pete Sorsby

    1955 - 2014

    £33308.25 donated

    Born in Sheffield 01/08/1955. Diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma in November 2013. The mesothelioma disseminated and he passed away in St Luke's Hosp…

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  • Peter Goodyear

    Peter Goodyear

    1948 - 2020

    £711.40 donated

    Pete & Shelia , were great neighbours to my parents for many years, which is how I was fortunate enough to get to know them. They were both big supporters of t…

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  • Peter Knowles

    Peter Knowles

    1934 - 2018

    £0 donated

    My grandad Peter fought a battle with copd and sadly lost his fight on the 31/03/18, he spent a lot of time in st Luke's during his illness and the nurses went…

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  • Peter Wragg

    Peter Wragg

    1946 - 2020

    £633.00 donated

    The family of Peter Wragg would like to thank all the wonderful staff at St Luke's Hospice for the fantastic care they provided during the last weeks of Pete's …

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  • Phil Haywood

    1952 - 2020

    £127.60 donated

    Husband of Carol .father of Stephen&Emma.and grandad .

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  • Philip Healy

    Philip Healy

    1949 - 2015

    £4841.25 donated

    Husband of Lynne and stepfather to Emma, Phil faced his illness bravely, feeling safe and cared for the wonderful staff at St Luke's.

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  • Philip Ledger

    Philip Ledger

    1942 - 2020

    £845.24 donated

    Philip died peacefully at St Luke’s Hospice on the 4th of April 2020, aged 78. A beloved husband, father, grandfather and treasured friend to many. He w…

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  • Ramon Ruddiforth

    Ramon Ruddiforth

    1935 - 2020

    £75.00 donated

    My beloved dad passed away 9/2/20 peacefully at home with his wife Mary, son Andrew and myself, daughter Julie by his side. He was diagnosed in October with ter…

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  • Renee Massey

    Renee Massey

    1922 - 2019

    £841.00 donated

    Born to a French pianist bride who had survived war torn and occupied Flanders and a Scottish Sergeant who became a bank manager; Renee and her sister Suzette g…

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  • Robert Willing

    Robert Willing

    1947 - 2018

    £823.00 donated

    This tribute page is set up in memory of Rob. During the last year of his life we were both honoured to be part of the Clifford House family, a very special fam…

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  • Rodney Bailey

    Rodney Bailey

    1931 - 2018

    £768.02 donated

    I am very sad to say Rodney passed away after a short illness in St Luke's Hospice on Friday 30th November 2018. I was with him and he was comfortable and in n…

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  • Roger Atkin

    Roger Atkin

    1938 - 2017

    £1331.00 donated

    Roger Atkin was a much loved uncle, great-uncle, brother in law, brother and friend. Involved in many different organisations and often in a post of treasurer o…

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  • Roger Crump

    Roger Crump

    1946 - 2017

    £381.51 donated

    Roger's connection to St Luke's Hospice was through his volunteer work at their shops. He mainly helped at the Gleadless shop, but while that was being refurbis…

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  • Ron Charlesworth

    Ron Charlesworth

    1932 - 2018

    £1377.80 donated

    This is a page for everyone to be able to post memories and photographs of Ronnie, who has given so many of us inspiration, encouragement and endless laughter.…

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  • Roy Bailey

    Roy Bailey

    1935 - 2018

    £916.84 donated

    This is a tribute page in the name of Professor Roy Bailey, a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, singer, academic and humanitarian, but it is…

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  • Sandra Ellis

    Sandra Ellis

    1955 - 2017

    £7987.54 donated

    For 45 years together, 39 married, Sandra supported me in pressured jobs, bringing up 4 children in a more patient way than I ever could. She became a surrogate…

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  • Sandra Scott

    Sandra Scott

    1942 - 2016

    £880.00 donated

    Following a courageous two and a half year fight with Ovarian Cancer Sandra was able to find peace at St. Luke's Hospice on 21st November 2016. Sandra passed aw…

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  • Sarah Jackson

    Sarah Jackson

    1967 - 2017

    £925.00 donated

    Wife of Neil and mother of Lola, Riley, Josef and Milo. Daughter of Philip and Maralyn and sister to David and Robert. Aunt to many and friend to all.

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  • Sharon 'Shaz' Bramall

    Sharon 'Shaz' Bramall

    1957 - 2016

    £2871.25 donated

    Sharon was loved by everyone she met. Well known for her sense of fun and zany humor, she was the life and soul of any party and had an ability to put people at…

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  • Sheila Ann Hall

    Sheila Ann Hall

    1942 - 2014

    £1223.00 donated

    I have set up this tribute fund to honour my Mum, Sheila Ann Hall, who passed away peacefully at St. Luke's Hospice on the 23rd June 2014. Mum was diagnosed wit…

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  • Shirley Macredie

    Shirley Macredie

    1958 - 2018

    £2020.00 donated

    Shirley was a great support to her family and friends and will be sadly missed by all. She touched the lives of so many with her generous, lively and fun lovin…

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  • Stephen Buckton

    Stephen Buckton

    1943 - 2017

    £328.53 donated

    Steve was born in Lincoln in 1943 and moved to Sheffield where he met Maxine. He has 4 children, Samantha, Michaela, Kay and Matthew and 6 grandchildren Chloe,…

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  • Steve Ashmore

    Steve Ashmore

    1964 - 2019

    £130.00 donated

    Steve was a work colleague who became a great and cherished friend for many of those that he worked with. He was unique and will be sadly missed.

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  • Sue  Walmsley

    Sue Walmsley

    1964 - 2016

    £2832.99 donated

    Sue was a beautiful wife to me and an amazing mother to three wonderful young adults. We will all miss her everyday.

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  • Susan Pineger

    1967 - 2019

    £320.49 donated

    The thing about Sue was that she was so damn kind. To everyone. Her family, her rabbits her cats, her friends, her colleagues in the NHS. And she never really s…

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  • Ted Myers

    Ted Myers

    1946 - 2020

    £500.00 donated

    Dad (Ted) very sadly passed away at home, surrounded by his family on the 7th of May 2020. During Ted's, final few weeks he was a patient at St Luke's Hospice,…

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  • Teresa  Raynes (Was Kamsika)

    Teresa Raynes (Was Kamsika)

    1944 - 2015

    £487.00 donated

    Loved and lived life to the full and always had a smile on her face and a good word to say about everyone. Passed away peacefully at home though had been at St…

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  • Terry Dawson

    Terry Dawson

    1965 - 2018

    £3564.39 donated

    The tribute is set up for Terry, who battled with Cancer for 15 months. He was cared for by Community Nurses from St Luke's and Weston Park Hospital. He was s…

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  • Terry Lee

    Terry Lee

    1936 - 2017

    £90.00 donated

    In May we sadly lost our Granddad Terry. Anyone who knew our Granddad knows how important his family and friends were to him. Due to the care received from St L…

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  • Terry Scholes

    Terry Scholes

    1932 - 2017

    £25.00 donated

    Terry Scholes was both an outstanding photographer and a keen motorcyclist. He loved to photograph people, community and cultural events, many of which no longe…

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  • Thomas William Clark

    Thomas William Clark

    1925 - 2020

    £364.43 donated

    Thomas William (Tom) Clark …passed away peacefully at home on 9th June, 2020, aged 94, with his family at his side. Husband of the late Dorothy (Dolly) Clar…

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  • Tony Clarkson

    Tony Clarkson

    1959 - 2020

    £522.95 donated

    This tribute fund is dedicated to celebrating the life of Tony Clarkson, an incredibly well-loved husband to Sally-Ann, father to Dulcie, brother to Teresa, Pau…

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  • Tony Gibson

    Tony Gibson

    1946 - 2012

    £963.42 donated

    Tony was a lovely lovely man and very fit and active. After battling with pancreatic cancer for over two years it finally took him over and we lost a very speci…

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  • Tracy Sheldon

    Tracy Sheldon

    1974 - 2018

    £4229.20 donated

    Tracy was diagnosed with cancer in July 2017 a few week later she was then given the devastating news that this was terminal. Tracy then was introduced to St Lu…

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  • Trevor Smith

    Trevor Smith

    1941 - 2019

    £3355.30 donated

    Trevor lost his fight following a short illness with pancreatic cancer and spent his last few days in St Luke's. The care he received from every single member o…

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  • Tricia Jeffs

    Tricia Jeffs

    1956 - 2018

    £120.00 donated

    For Tricia, a wonderful caring wife, mother, sister, cousin and friend

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  • Tyrone Briddon

    Tyrone Briddon

    1977 - 2020

    £23.00 donated

    Sunday 1st March 2020 Last night our brave and wonderful Ty, passed away peacefully surrounded by us, his family.💔💔 It breaks my heart knowing he’s gone, but …

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  • Val Hussin

    Val Hussin

    1952 - 2019

    £2211.00 donated

    After an all-too-short illness, mum spent the last few days of her life in St Lukes, and they provided a lot of comfort to us in a very difficult time, making s…

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  • Val Plester

    Val Plester

    1946 - 2016

    £2377.98 donated

    Val was living her life to the fullest. She stil worked, enjoyed holidays and spending time with her family. She liked to go shopping and grab a bargain! Her li…

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  • Valerie Meadows

    Valerie Meadows

    1938 - 2020

    £338.60 donated

    Valerie also known as: Mum, Nan, Auntie Val and Meads was the most courageous and loving person we knew. Words cannot describe how loved she was by all of us a…

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  • Valerie Procter

    Valerie Procter

    1939 - 2017

    £345.00 donated

    Val Procter

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  • Walter Buxton

    Walter Buxton

    1931 - 2004

    £0 donated

    Walt, a loving husband, father and grandfather died of leukaemia in St Luke's Hospice on the 11 October 2004. He left behind a close family who want to honour h…

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  • Wijdan  Issa

    Wijdan Issa

    1955 - 2019

    £601.90 donated

    This page is dedicated to our incredible late mother and wife Wijdan who sadly passed away on the 29th March 2019 under the fantastic care of St Luke’s Hospice.…

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