Frequently Asked Questions

A tribute fund is a page on a website that acts as a lasting tribute to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. It is a place where family and friends can share memories through words, photographs, and video. It is also an easy way for people to donate in memory of your loved one so that others can benefit from the work of St Luke’s.

There is absolutely no obligation to create a tribute page. We offer this opportunity as we know that many people find it a useful and comforting way to honour and remember their loved one. It is quick to set up your fund and easy to share with other people so you can gather memories and donations in one place.

There is no charge for a St Luke’s tribute fund page, it is completely free. We hope that you will use it as a way for people to donate and fundraise for us as we depend on the generosity of supporters for 75% of our funding. However, this is not necessary and setting up your tribute fund is free.

Yes, it is straightforward for you and for your friends or family to upload both photographs and short videos to your page. Please upload image files (e.g. jpeg or png) with a maximum file size of 4MB.

All donations enable us to continue providing outstanding care to local people and their families when they need us.  

You can keep your tribute fund for as long as you wish, it is entirely up to you and how you want to use it. You may choose to use it just for funeral donations, as part of your fundraising or simply a place to bring together and share, which is your choice. If a tribute fund has not had any activity for two years, we will contact you to ask whether you would like us to archive it for you.

It is very quick to register – just a few minutes – and then a little longer to set up your page. Once registered, you can work at your own speed. You go straight on to create the fund page - write about your loved one and upload any photographs and/or videos you wish to include – or wait and come back to your page. You can do part of it and then add more thoughts or pictures later, the page is yours to create what you wish, when you wish. 

There are lots of ways to tell others that you’ve set up a fund and to ask them to contribute a memory and/or a donation. Once you have set up your fund, you are given the option to share a link to the page by email as well as Facebook and Twitter. You will see all these options on your account page and at the bottom of your fund page. There is also an option to print small cards with the details of our tribute site to give to people.

Yes, when you finish setting up your fund there are options to share a link on Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have to do it at the same time as setting up, it is easy to login to your fund and share it at a later date from your account page.

When you are logged in there is the option to print off business size ‘cards’ that share the details of the tribute site page.  If you don’t have access to a printer please contact Rebecca, our In Memory Fundraiser. We can also provide collection tins or donation envelopes that can be personalised if you think they would be useful.

Yes. As part of the registration process there is a tick box to say that you want to be notified via email of each new post. If you would like to remove any posts that you feel are unsuitable please email or telephone 0114 235 7590.

Gift Aid is a way for charities like St Luke’s to claim an extra 25p on every £1 you donate without costing you any extra. The government uses money already paid through an individual’s tax to add 25% to the donation at no cost to the donor. Last year alone Gift Aid raised an extra £125,000 for St Luke’s.

We welcome donations in any form. Many people find online donations simple and quick but donations by cheque and made in person at St Luke’s are equally welcome.

Cheques: Please ensure cheques are made out to St Luke’s Hospice and are sent to our In Memory Fundraiser, Rebecca. To link the donation to your fund, we will need your name or the name of the person being remembered. We also like to be able to acknowledge and thank everyone who makes a donation so please ensure we have an address too.

In person: You are very welcome to bring donations, whether cash or cheques, to St Luke’s. We would very much like to meet and thank you for any donations so if you are able to call the Fundraising office in advance we will ensure someone is here to meet you. Otherwise, Reception is open 8am to 7:30pm every day.

There is no obligation to raise anything at all, your page is for you to use as you wish. However, St Luke’s relies on donations to carry on its work as less than a quarter of our funding comes from the NHS so if you were able to fundraise we would be very grateful but this is not a requirement of a fund.

Yes, there is the option to donate anonymously if people prefer.

Absolutely! All that we ask is that you get in touch with our fundraising department if you wish to organise your own event. When you come to pay in the money you raise, please let us know that this is linked to a tribute fund so that we can show it on the fund page.

For any enquiries or help please contact Rebecca, out In Memory Fundraiser. If she is not available, please contact the Fundraising office on 0114 235 7551.

You can close your page down by getting in touch with Rebecca, our In Memory Fundraiser. If you choose to bring the page back sometime in the future, the process is completely reversible.

Anyone who donates through the tribute fund page is asked whether they would like a thank you letter. We like to be able to thank people but it is completely up to the donor.

Please contact Rebecca, our In Memory Fundraiser who will be happy to help you. We are also able to provide you with donation envelopes that can be personalised and are a great way to capture Gift Aid!

We are happy to help with any fundraising requests like this. In this case, we can give you a letter of authorisation, all we ask is that you complete a fundraising agreement form which we can send you. Please contact the fundraising team.