Darrell (Daz) Howells

1952 - 2013 | sheffield

Daz loved his golf,cars,wiskey and most of all his family and friends and that was Daz!

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Darrell (Daz) Howells


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GiftAid £407.88


+ £25.00 GiftAid

Angela Rollings


Angela would like to gift monies from her retirement collection from her NHS colleagues,, Thinking of you Always,, Angela & Stephen. X


+ £37.50 GiftAid

Elaine Howells


Donation from Daz’s friends at Tankersley Golf club (rabbits section) every year they always remember him


+ £87.50 GiftAid

Elaine Howells


donations made by family for Darrells Dad, william (bill) howells after his sudden death on the 19th December 2016. Hope they are both together with our Daughter Kay fisher.


+ £28.75 GiftAid

Tankersley Golf Club


Daz golf friends donated this from a raffle as they do every year.


+ £25.50 GiftAid

Tankersley Golf Club


DAZ was a great friend to us all at Tankersley rabbit section we will always miss him


+ £6.25 GiftAid

Elaine Howells


Donation from Mel Marsden


+ £18.75 GiftAid

Elaine Howells


Donation from Tankersley Golf Club rabbits section captains day raffle. Daz loved his golf and his lovely friends in the rabbits


+ £88.13 GiftAid

Crown & Cushion Friends


all Daz`s friends for the donation of Daz`s scooter. Enjoy using it Brian


Team Daz Starlight Walk 2014 Sponsorship



+ £6.25 GiftAid

Elaine Howells


Our first Christmas without you love Albert,Chris,Denise,Mick & Gaz


Donations Kindly Made At Helen Fenlon'S 30Th Birthday Party



+ £37.50 GiftAid

Paul Bywater



+ £46.75 GiftAid



£187.00 raised by the members of Tankersley park golf club on the rabbits captain day thanks to all.


Melissa Gardner



Donations Kindly Made At The Funeral Service



    How lovely that a dear friend makes a donation after my Daz has been gone over 5year. So lovely that our friends still think of him just like me they always will.

    Added by Elaine Howells - 20/10/2018

    happy birthday my darling 28th may love you always xxxxxxxxxxx

    Added by Elaine Howells - 28/05/2015

    hiya x

    Added by Ellis Fisher - 04/11/2014

    My first Christmas without you my lovely Daz xxx

    Added by Elaine Howells - 21/12/2013

    A big Thankyou to everyone for the kind donations made for Darrell's funeral. We raised £1,183.42 for St Luke's and £168 for motor neurone disease. A big Thankyou from Elaine & Family xx

    Added by Elaine Howells - 16/10/2013

    Missing you my love always xxx

    Added by Elaine Howells - 23/09/2013

    With his cheeky sense of humour and such a zest for fun & adventure, Daz lived his life to the fullest which was truly inspirational. Sadly missed.

    Added by Melissa Gardner - 02/09/2013

    My love my life always xx

    Added by Elaine Howells - 31/08/2013

    Darrell always had a smile and loved his family and friends. He will always be in my heart

    Added by Elaine Howells - 31/08/2013