Pat Heard

1946 - 2014 | Sheffield

A wonderful wife, mum and Momma as well as sister, auntie and friend to all

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Pat Heard


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Deborah Fennell


Forever in our thoughts. Love and miss you everyday from Debbie and Eileen and families xxx


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Deborah Fennell


Another birthday and another Christmas passes without you but still we miss you as much today as when you fell asleep. Loving and missing you always - your Family xxx


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In lieu of birthday gift and Christmas cards from from family


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From family to commemorate those special birthdays and anniversarys in 2016


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Christmas times with you were always special. In lieu of Christmas cards from your loving family. Missing and loving you xx


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Collette Heard


Love and miss you always XXXX


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Trevor Heard


Remembered every day by your sisters, Collette and Eileen


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Collette Heard


Love and miss you every day. xxx


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    One year ago since you went to sleep.

    Added by Debbie Fennell - 12/03/2015

    “OUR PAT†It's so comforting to know this place where you lay Is the place where we spent many happy hours at play As life went along we got bigger and stronger And we all left home for longer and longer When Mum and Dad died it seemed such a loss What good was a team without a good kind boss? When family problems came to the fore No one but you could ever have done more You stepped up and did the job so well How can we replace you, no-one can tell ? You ran family meetings to talk and iron out ills Organized the parties and collected for the bills But we will carry on normal and try not to cry Till the next family meeting up there in the sky Till that time comes along when we rejoin you again In the place you're all resting in peace without pain GOD BLESS AND KEEP ALL OF YOU (A poem written by Francis McConaghy)

    Added by Maureen Ogden - 10/04/2014

    Added by Maureen Ogden - 10/04/2014

    Great memories of all our previous Mothers Days but missed you loads today Mum xx

    Added by Debbie Fennell - 30/03/2014

    When God recruits for Angels he only takes The Best He has taken you away from us to let you get some rest You've always been our guiding light And taught us wrong from right Now when I look to the the sky I see you shining bright Good Night, God Bless, Sleep Tight Rest in Peace xxx

    Added by Leanne Lamb - 25/03/2014

    Pat Heard (aka Mary Patricia Heard) born in Sheffield on 23rd November 1946. The 2nd eldest and the eldest girl in a family of 12 siblings. Loving wife to Trevor for 47 years. Mum to Debbie and Michael and the best Momma any granchildren good ever have. She was a great friend to all and a matriach to all the family. Always someone who could be relied upon would to give sound advice and support. Having beaten all the odds 3 years ago when stricken with ill health went on to provide and create many more happy times and valuable memories that we are greatful for. She was a real fighter and fought so hard against the cancer for the past year insisting on any treatment which would buy her more time despite the harsh consequences, right up to the end. Very much missed and leaving a big whole which will be difficult to fill but as promised we will look after each other Mum until we meet again. Love and miss you x

    Added by Debbie Fennell - 25/03/2014