Patricia Kilner

1935 - 2021 | Sheffield

In loving memory of our beloved Mum, Nan and Great Nan. Forever in our hearts X

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Patricia Kilner


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Thank you so much to everyone that has so kindly donated in memory of our loving Mum, Nan and Great-Nan. She’s loved and missed so very much. X

Added by Jane Cave - 13/09/2021

Five weeks today since I had to say my heartbreaking goodbye to you my beautiful mum. I miss you every minute of everyday and feel lost without you. I promised you that I’d be alright and I won’t break the promise I made. You taught me how to be strong but nothing could prepare for the pain of losing you. I do hope that you’re now back with dad and watching over us all. I’ll never stop missing and loving you. Your best pal and daughter Jane XX

Added by Jane Cave - 09/09/2021