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1955 - 2014 | Sheffield

Born in Sheffield 01/08/1955. Diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma in November 2013. The mesothelioma disseminated and he passed away in St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield 10/06/2014. Pete was immensely brave throughout his illness, even when he w…

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Born in Sheffield 01/08/1955. Diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma in November 2013. The mesothelioma disseminated and he passed away in St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield 10/06/2014. Pete was immensely brave throughout his illness, even when he was in agony he described it as discomfort. The staff at St Luke's were so supportive and kind. I can't think how we all would have managed without them. In life, Pete worked as a joiner / kitchen fitter / plumber / electrician / anything handy! He apprenticed at Barlows as a shop fitter, and worked for a number of companies including Sheffield Shopfitters, Hancock and Read, Bedford and Havenhand, lastly fitting many kitchens for Sheffield Kitchen Outlet. He is survived by his wife Laurie and his two sons Mike and Tom. He was very proud to give 'Fiona away' in marriage to Mike and welcome Fi to the family in December of 2013. He has two sisters Pat and Lynne. Brother in laws Allan and Rob. Nephews and partners, Lee & Marie, James & Emma, Liam & El as well as Gregg & Helen. Pete was no saint and we have all agreed we won't Canonise him. He could be grumpy and stubborn and didn't suffer fools gladly. However he was never ambiguous and you always knew where you stood with him. He was a loyal and true friend and a loving, dependable Husband and Dad. Please can all well wishers leave their thoughts on this page - any photos, videos or memories welcome! Thank you so much for all who have shared so far. It is a huge comfort to see how well loved and liked he was. We have another amount to add here from the funeral service, I'm sure they will be added soon and if you gave your name and address with your donation you will have received an acknowledgment from John Heath & Sons. We are over a month on and I have to say that the hole Pete has left in all our lives hurts just as much as it did on the 10th of June, but your words and deeds of comfort truly do help. I miss him so much for so many reasons. Pete was not only my husband, he was my Pal, Partner, my rock. Living without the love he had for me - despite all my faults - selfishly - is so very hard. Some days I find myself not really knowing how I can carry on with the thing that is day to day living but, because of the support of his family and our lovely friends I manage, often to do as per Pete's wishes and I am living as happy a life as I possibly can without him. To simply say "Thank you" , to those of you who are there for me seems inadequate. But THANK YOU ALL especially those who have given me so much support and practical help. XXX Laurie.


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Laurie Sorsby


Still heartsore Pete, Still miss you so much. Hope you're having a few drinks today



Laurie Sorsby


Happy Christmas Hubby. Miss you. Couldn't sit and write all the usual greetings cards, it's hard writing them without putting 'from Laurie & Pete' . xxx


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Donations Kindly Made At Pete'S Funeral



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John Islip


A good friend will be sadly missed by all . RIP Pete

Lynne Allen


Words cannot express the loss we feel. Forever in our hearts xxx


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Richard Appleyard


So sorry for your loss, we will always remember Pete with a smile. Here if you need anything.

Lee Yellott


Thanks for everything uncle, we are going to miss you. Love Lee, Marie, Ross xx


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Graham Sorsby



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Danni And Chris Fenton



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David Hughes


Pat Yellott


Sleep tight dear brother loved and remembered always Pat & Allan xx

Gregg Yellott


In memory of our Uncle Pete with love from Gregg and Helen xx


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Mark Baker



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Mark Read


Very very sad to hear the news. Employed Pete and worked along side Pete. he was a pleasure to work with as a worker and a friend. Loved by everybody, true gent with a great sense of humour. Even towards the end he came to our workshop and told us all he


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Karl Ashford



Val Moyses



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Chris Shackleton



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Karen Andrews


Thanks for the memories, you were a pleasure to know. xx


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Rachel Whitworth


Why does it always happen to the good ones! So sad,such a top bloke - RIP Pete x


Beverley Marshall


I have known Pete and Laurie a long time and know he will be sadly missed


Julie Eccles


Such a lovely man, taken way before his time.Good night and God bless x


    Happy birthday Pete Love Pat & Allan Xxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2023

    Happy Birthday Pete Lynne xx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2023

    There's not a day goes by without you are in my thoughts, and you are always in my heart Pete. Happy birthday my love. X Laurie X

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2023

    Happy birthday Pete Daring. Lynne and I have raised a glass to you. Love always xxx

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2022

    Eight years of missing you every single day Pete. I still turn to share the look when we were both thinking the same thing. Trying to think happy thoughts but it's not getting that much easier love.xxxx

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 10/06/2022


    Added by Pat Yellott - 10/06/2022

    Happy birthday loved and missed XXX Pat &Allan XXX

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2021

    Happy birthday Pere. We both miss you. Lots of love Lynne and Rob xxx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2021

    Another birthday you should still be with us for. Still missing your love and hunour hubby. Always in our hearts and thoughts XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2021

    Loved and missed always Love Pat&Allan Xxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 10/06/2021

    Still loved and missed so very much Pete. XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 10/06/2021

    Happy birthday. Love always. Pat&Allan

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2020

    Happy Birthday chuck xx Lynne and Rob

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2020

    On what would have been your 65th birthday you are even more in my thoughts than usual. I am sure despite the curent Covid-19 situation we would have made the day really special. Much love Pete, as always and forever. Laurie XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2020

    We have raised a glass to you today my love, Happy Birthday , miss you XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2019

    Happy Birthday Love always Pat & Allan Xxxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2019

    Well Christmas is fast approaching again, the 5th without you and I am simply not feeling at all festive. I miss the little things you did for over 30 years to make it such a special time and when ever I think of our 'firm's' Christmas 'do' I cry happy tears. Love always, Laurie XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 17/12/2018

    We were together more than half of our lives Pete and today we would have celebrated our Pearl Anniversary, so I've allowed myself some time to be a little feel sorry that we aren't able to celebrate it. Love always XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 22/10/2018

    Happy Birthday Pete. Much love Lynne and Rob xxx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2018

    Another birthday without you love always Pat and Allan xxxxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2018

    The fourth one you aren't here to share with us HUbby. Still hurts so much. Miss you, with love. always XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2018

    4years-still sorely missed brother- Lynne xxx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 10/06/2018

    Another Christmas has passed my love. Another year is about to begin. My heart is healing but a huge part of it will be yours, always. XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 31/12/2017

    Happy birthday Pete Love Pat & Allan xxxxxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2017

    Happy Birthday chuck xxx Lynne and Rob

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2017

    Another birthday to miss you Pete. Miss you every single day.Going to keep really busy tomorrow, Love you always, Laurie X

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 31/07/2017

    Happy birthday Loved and missed always Love Pat&Allan XXX

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2016

    Happy birthday Pete Love always Lynne and Rob xx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2016

    Your birthday is here again and the family will be together, along with our darling grand daughter, Caitlin, we will be raising a glass to you. We all miss you so much.xxxxxxxx

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2016

    The 2 year mark has been and gone and another of your birthdays is fast approaching Pete. I miss you still, so much my hubby. I know you wanted me to move on but it is so much harder to be brave without you. Our love is still with me. X

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 11/07/2016

    We have shared a glass tonight- happy birthday my lovexx Lynne and Rob xx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2015

    Today would have been your 60th birthday always and forever in our hearts love Pat,Allan and Family xxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2015

    So hard not to be able to wish you Happy Birthday today my Darling Husband. We would have been throwing a huge party to celebrate this one, you are in my thoughts constantly and will be forever in my heart. Much love Pete XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 01/08/2015

    We had a fund raising party on Saturday the 2nd of May 2015 in Pete's memory - I am sure he would have approved as it involved friends, food, music and alcohol :) We raised a creditable £620 which would have made Pete happy. Luis Bastidas-Teke did all the BBQ'ing in memory of his brother and our neighbours Maureen and Gary gave a generous donation in memory of Maureen's sister who St Luke's also cared for. Many thanks to all who attended and gave. It's hard to believe that it is almost a year since Pete left us. We all miss him so much and I am still finding it difficult to come to terms but the support of family and friends is helping. Thank you all.

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 20/05/2015

    Merry Christmas bro loved and missed always x love from Pat&Allan xxxxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 02/01/2015

    Happy birthday bro- always in our thoughts and hearts xxx Lynne and Rob

    Added by Lynne Allen - 01/08/2014

    Happy BirthdayxxPat&Allanxx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 01/08/2014

    You are the brightest star in the sky and we will love and miss you always. Night night God bless xx Pat and Allan xx

    Added by Pat Yellott - 24/06/2014

    You brought something very special to our lives. You will always be in our hearts. God bless x Lynne and Rob xxx

    Added by Lynne Allen - 24/06/2014

    We will always remember Pete with a smile. Love from Richard and Lyndsey.

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 22/06/2014

    This just made me chuckle, 12 of us went on the Norfolk broads on two 6 birth boats, me and Pete on our boat with wraggy, Daz Pete Marshall and johnnie watkinson and a few others, I was captain most of the time. We set off for Yarmouth 4 hr trip and as we were about an hour away Pete said I wanna be captain so he took the helm, as we arrived in Yarmouth late there was one space for our big boat so I said shall I moor it in, he said no I can handle this, ok then full throttle with nose in then full throttle reverse and the boat will swing in. Got it Pete said so the boat in front has got family all sat dining with best tea service, full throttle Pete ok full reverse Pete ok reverse reverse , too late we mounted the boat and it went under ours we almost sank it, as we finally slid back down the family were in a big heap, I legged it into Yarmouth and left him. After half an hour I came back and Pete was sat with our new sailing family on their boat drinking tea and eating salmon sandwiches, I couldn't believe it, the guy had given him a lesson how to moor a boat, Captain Sorsby from then on !! It didn't end there and I think peters new mate stitched him up. We all got our glad rags on and went into Yarmouth on a piss up, we got back after several hours boozing and tucked ourselves into bed, we woke up in the morning late as usual and the boat was at 45 degrees peters new found friend had helped him tie us up to the mooring and left no slack on the ropes, the fooking tide had gone out and we were stuck in the boat for the day until the tide came back in. Our sailing days were over. Goodnight and Godbless Pete we had some happy times (Stan)

    Added by John Ogden - 19/06/2014

    simply the best from Callum xxxxx

    Added by Callum Frain - 19/06/2014

    We first met Pete through his trade when he came to sort out a problem in our newly fitted kitchen that was caused by someone else. Pete solved that in no time - where others had failed! Following that we'd often rely on him to do joinery work for us - or anything else as he seemed to be able to turn his hand to most things. He expected to be paid less rather than more and also did some minor joinery for a friend without wanting to take a penny. Who else would do that these days? His willingness to help and his generosity are rare qualities, and we felt lucky to know Pete. We were devastated to hear of his illness and he has been in our thoughts since. Rest in peace Pete, such a sad loss. Our thoughts are with all the family.

    Added by Danni And Chris Fenton - 19/06/2014

    I have so many wonderful memories of Pete and his humour! Such a wonderful man, an absolute legend. I especially remember his 50th birthday in Turkey, we all had a great time together wearing our t-shirts! And of course the New Years parties. Pete was such a lovely man, and he will never be forgotten. I'm rubbish at words, but I know that everyone who has met Pete will feel blessed to have known him. You will always be in our hearts, and you will never be forgotten.

    Added by Jodi Frain - 18/06/2014

    Pete has inspired me so much. His humour and strength will never be forgotten. Always and forever in our hearts.

    Added by Caroline And David Frain - 18/06/2014

    I worked with Pete all over the UK when he was with Bedford and Havenhand. Pete was a excellent joiner and I have fond memories of his very dry sense of humour. My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

    Added by Ian Marshall - 18/06/2014

    Worked with Pete at Bedford & Havenhand, he used to have us in stiches with his very dry sense of humour, a sad loss.

    Added by Ian - 17/06/2014

    I have struggled to put down in words what I feel in my heart, I will truly miss him, his dry wit which will never truly be gone as long as his little sister Lynny is around would put a smile on anyone's face who happened to be in his company. If you can read this message Pete wherever you are at the moment, I just need to let you know that no man could have had a more devoted wife, cherished sons and loving sisters, and I know Laurie does not want us to make you out to be a saint, but the way that you managed your illness and the humour you kept throughout was truly special. Night night Pete, love Gillian xxx

    Added by Gillian Cundy - 17/06/2014

    All at Sheffield Kitchen Outlet are deeply saddened to hear this devastating news. We have known Pete for nearly a decade as he did endless amounts of beautiful kitchen fits for our company. But also became a good friend and a well loved colleague. Our thoughts go out to Pete's wife Laurie and his children. He had a fantastic but unusual sense of humour (very dry) which will never be forgotten. RIP Pete from all at SKO we will all miss the flapjack.

    Added by Daniel - 17/06/2014

    Peter was our page boy Many years ago His cheeky and mischievous smile His eyes as black as coal To dedicate this verse to him Is very hard to do With pen in hand I shed a tear Sending love And remembering you Aunty May & Uncle Alan x

    Added by Mabel Hughes - 16/06/2014

    Tuesday was a sad day when Pete left this world. I was truly devastated when I heard of his illness but in true Sorsby spirit he never lost his humour or his ability to make me laugh. I have many good memories of Pete from working with him in Jersey, and I know that these will be putting a smile on my face for years to come. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Laurie and the boys and their partners. love from Mark and Michelle x

    Added by Mark And Michelle Baker - 15/06/2014

    Very very sad to hear the news. Employed Pete and worked along side Pete. he was a pleasure to work with as a worker and a friend. Loved by everybody, true gent with a great sense of humour. Even towards the end he came to our workshop and told us all he was on his farewell tour. A dry sense of humour to the end. Rest in Peace God Bless Mark Read

    Added by Mark Read - 15/06/2014

    There are no words to describe our feelings, losing our best pal has left a big hole. Its been an absolute privilege to be part of this good man's life for so many years. The holiday's, the parties, the night's out, all filled with laughter and great memories. We're going to miss your presence Pete but you will always be part of us, we had the best of times. R.I.P. my friend ( Return If Possible)!

    Added by Sharon & Steve Pinder - 15/06/2014

    I didn't know Pete very well, however i feel i have to say that he was really good company and a good laugh. He worked with me in Wales for a couple of days in which time we both managed to fall off the same ladder. Don't ask! He was a mans man, a pleasure to be around. Our thoughts are with his family.

    Added by Karl Ashford - 15/06/2014

    I will never forget the way Pete always made me laugh. He was the son I didn't give birth to. Always helpful and there if I needed him. He made my home beautiful. I would go round and he would take the mike, I would say "I'm not here to be laughed at" he would say "where else do you go then for that?". I once told him I would come back to haunt him and he replied "I'm not worried about that - you'll forget to do it". Love always, Val (Mom). XXX

    Added by Laurie Sorsby - 14/06/2014

    I returned from holiday yesterday to the sad news of Pete from a work mate. Gutting for us all but we all know it's a million times worse for you and the family Laurie. Can't imagine your pain right now but please know there are many many work colleges of Pete from over his entire working life thinking about you right now and wishing you well. I can say personally that I have never herd one bad word about Pete from anyone ever. Everyone who met Pete had to take an instant liking to him, especially when difficult situations were met with his lightning wit and dry humour. While I worked along side Pete it was a pleasure to go to work as he would have us all laughing the whole day long. Throughout the years I and many others have quoted Pete's funny comments on many a news story. He touched a lot of lives for the better Laurie and will always bring back fond thoughts to all he worked with and I'm sure all he lived with. A big hug to you from all his work mates luv X He will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten. Thanks Pete for all the great memories. X

    Added by Chris Shackleton - 13/06/2014

    I will always remember Pete with a smile, he had a great sense of humor. I always wanted to be in ear shot so I wouldn't miss one of his one liners, he would have everyone laughing. I remember one night when Pete had just received a fire pit for his birthday, we all sat around eating burnt jacket potatoes (They were delicious anyway) and Pete looked so proud and happy just poking the fire. He had many quality's, all endearing, a kind, gentle, helpful, genuine man who will be sadly missed by so many. XXX

    Added by Karen Andrews - 12/06/2014

    God bless Pete, you will be missed by many xx

    Added by Sheena - 12/06/2014

    Night Night Pete. I will leave others to share their more recent memories of Pete. He was my Big Cuz and 6 years older than me. My earliest recollections are of this dark eyed, dark haired kid who was always very funny and kind to me. Indeed, his sense of humour led him to take me to Hillsborough twice in the sixties to try to convert me from being a Blade. Although both outings were fun and memorable he was not able to get me to go over to the dark side. Pete was very close to us as a family back then, especially his beloved Aunty May. As a teenager he came with us on a family holiday to Weymouth for a fortnight. He was always very witty in a dry way and we had great fun. Pete always had a mischievous side to him and indeed he introduced me to scrumpy. Wow. Didn't half get the giggles. It was the proper gear as well. We spent hours each day on the beach and kept launching ourselves on and off the pontoon until exhaustion. His famous quote of "Aunty May, can I have a Dingy" (Not Dinghy) was uttered several times, but to no avail. His bid to be a sailor was thwarted. At this point I was still wearing his hand me down clothes that were donated by Aunty Milly. This did not extend to his pristine Ben Sherman shirts and self bleached Levi's(He used to sit in the bath with them on). Pete used to babysit for us and used to bring his mates round. Motown played in the background whilst we split in to pairs to play monopoly. I was always twinned with Pete and we always lost. Great guy but rubbish monopoly player. We watched Pete grow up in to a man and were aware of his love of socialising and the fairer sex. A normal bloke. The age gap then makes a real difference as I was still at least 4 or 5 years under age. Pete ended up as a very good craftsman and a real family man. I was always very happy for him and over recent years we started to see more each other. When we met up it was so easy to converse and take the mick out of each other. We also managed to knock back a fair few sherbets as well. He has gone far too soon and I really will miss him. Pete was like a brother that I never had when I was growing up and I will always be grateful for his support and kindness back then. Thankfully my Monopoly skills improved. Sleep well Pete. Love David (Hughes)

    Added by Dave Hughes - 12/06/2014

    I can still remember the time when they drew a face on his head with marker pen when he had fallen asleep at one of my mum and dads parties - has often brought a smile to my face xx RIP Pete.

    Added by Carole Emmingham - 12/06/2014

    What a sad loss to lose pete sorsby, he was one of the most genuine people you could wish to meet, we had our share of laughter on hols, nights out with the family etc and those will be sadly missed, pete was a great friend to have who would do anything for you and will be sadly missed by us all, his dry humour never let him down, you deserve to now be at rest pete god bless xxxxx

    Added by The Appleyards Appleyard - 11/06/2014

    Pete worked hard and provided for his lovely family, giving them a great life.Such a really kind hearted person. He was the best neighbour and (Joiner/Builder/Plumber)and shall be missed by all my family.God bless.

    Added by Julie Eccles - 11/06/2014

    He's always been like a dad to me and always made me feel so welcome ever since I was 5, I'll never forget him he's had me in stitches of laughter over the years and it's been a pleasure to of had him in my life, love you Pete pal! See you on the other side at some point mate

    Added by Liam Pinder - 10/06/2014